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Walking with God

by Keith Tyner

     Your birth was your first great life celebration followed closely by the day you first walked.  That is as simple as life gets.  Spiritually, it’s the same.  The day you first trusted Jesus the heavenly celebration broke loose.  Then came the celebration when you first walked by the Spirit.  

     I spent many futile years of my journey crawling around like an infant when in fact I should have been walking.  I believed keeping rules was key to walking.  I believed studying the Bible, quiet times and a variety of other disciplines were the key to walking.  But in fact, those were the result of walking.

     Isn’t it interesting God walked in the cool of the day in Genesis 3?  Isn’t it interesting Daniel’s friends were thrown into the furnace and walked out without smelling like smoke?  Isn’t it amazing the nation of Israel walked through the Red Sea and the Jordan River on dry ground?  How spectacular is it that Jesus and Peter walked on water?

     Walking is a natural aspect of life.  It isn’t something we have to manipulate or strategize.  It is an elementary part of living and once you learn, it just happens.  Paul suggests our choice is to either walk by the Spirit’s power or not.  In other words, we can simply enjoy the presence of God connected to our spirit each day in the cool of the day or not.  We can experience His presence in our good, bad or indifferent circumstances.  We can rejoice during our journey.

     Consider some of the amazing walks of your life.  My daughter, Caitlin, asked me to celebrate her college graduation four years ago and walk the Inca Trail.  How long do you suppose I had to consider her invitation?  I immediately said, ‘I would love to join.’  I had no idea what I committed to; I just knew I would get to walk with Caitlin.

     Our heavenly Father longs for us to simply walk with Him.  Walking sounds passive, but it is an aggressive and adventuresome activity.  Do you know Enoch’s story in Genesis 5?  He walked with God and was no more!!  What?  What does that look like?

     Let 2020 be a time of simply walking with God.  You will be amazed by the journey.  Our guide on the Inca Trail trained us to stop walking when we were tired and turn around and look back at where we have been.  Take advantage of your slow times this year and reflect upon how God has walked with you in the past through some amazing times, and then…walk on!

Keith Tyner is a long-time friend of The Hill and Warren family.  He is founder of Gimbal Financial and walks through life with Jesus, his wife Connie, daughters Kristin, Caitlin, Kelly, Kacie, and son Caleb. 

Romanos, Las Verdades Fundamentales de Romanos 1-8 Dedication

Sunday evening, January 26, 2020 marked a significant event in the history of The Hill—the capstone to a dream in Kim Warren’s heart. Kim’s dream was far greater than simply translating the Romans course into other languages, but for thousands more to experience the freedom of its life-changing truths.

Sixty-five men and women from two Hispanic churches came together with 17 staff, residents and friends of The Hill to dedicate the newly published Romanos, Las Verdades Fundamentales de Romanos 1-8. Pastor Jaime Masso of First Hispanic Baptist Church of Mayfield and his congregation hosted the celebration, joined by Pastor Julio Acosta and others from the Hispanic ministry of Paducah First Baptist Church.

The celebration was grand—with worship, words of encouragement, prayers, Mexican food and a huge cake with “Seremos salvos por la vida de Cristo (Romanos 5:10)” inscribed into the icing. Our main translator, Sarah Cunningham, was there to speak along with translators, Jair Tapia and Pastor Jaime. In the end, each of those precious saints received a free copy of the study and the Lord intensified the work of knitting our hearts together.

We intend to continue supplying Romanos, Las Verdades Fundamentales de Romanos 1-8 to Hispanic brothers and sisters at no cost as God provides. Let us know if a Hispanic ministry in your community is interested in receiving copies of Romanos, Las Verdades Fundamentales de Romanos 1-8.

New Staff Member

We are excited to introduce Danielle Martin as the newest smiling face of our ministry team. Danielle, a pro at Word, Excel, and Access, will help plan and run events and oversee the cleaning of all the buildings. We are amazed at her knowledge of Human Resources and administration and she is already saving us time with her computer skills and organization.

Danielle is no stranger to The Hill. She came to Murray State from her hometown Carmi, Illinois in 2014 and soon after began spending time here with other students. She then moved to the property and has remained while completing her master’s degree in business. She graduated this past December and we all agree she is the perfect choice to help us with our many ministry opportunities.

On top of everything, what makes Danielle the perfect fit is her love for Jesus and people. She has a gigantic, compassionate heart and celebrates others. You’ll be able to find her planning most of the many birthday gatherings we have; she loves a party! We can’t wait for you to meet her and enjoy her gift of hospitality and her fun-loving nature.

Upcoming Events

Men’s Retreat, April 24-26, 2020—Our annual Men’s Retreat for fathers, their sons, and single men of all ages.  The speakers for this event will be Steve Pettit, and Mark Schmahl.  Mark and Steve are both long-time friends of The Hill.

Summer Youth Leadership Camps, June 7-13 & June 21-27, 2020 (Yep, they’re both in June)—Our annual summer camps for ages 13-18each camp is a week of intense Bible study, service projects, fun and fellowship.   Space is limited to 100 campers for each camp, so reserve your spot early.  If you’d like to help with camp as a volunteer, please let us know.  It takes a huge team of volunteers to host a successful camp.  We would love for you to be a part.

2020 Grace Conference, “Awakened to Grace,”  Sept. 25-27, 2020—Andrew Farley and Tim Chalas will be speaking at the 2020 Grace Conference, Awakened to Grace.  Tim Chalas spoke last year at the Discovering Grace Conference, but this will be Andrew Farley’s first trip to The Hill.  Conference sponsors are The Hill, First Missionary Baptist (the host site), Murray Family Church, and Grace Fellowship (Paducah).  Registration will open soon on our website.  Sign up early to secure your spot.  Seating is limited.

Fall Retreat, Oct. 16-18, 2020—Frank Friedmann will join us again for the Fall Retreat to teach from Paul’s letter to the Galatians.  You will not want to miss this conference.

Teachings Online

   Most of our retreat teachings are posted on our website. You’ll find Preston Gillham, Neb Hayden, Steve Pettit, Ralph Harris, Rick Underhill, Patrick Johnson, Dave Gibson, and many more. Go to, click on the Audio Teachings tab and enjoy.

A New Way to Give

If you visit our website very often you may have noticed a new tab at the top–“Giving.”  This is purely in response to a changing culture that leans toward doing everything possible online.  Fewer and fewer even have checks for their “checking” accounts.  This is a response out of necessity for some donors and out of convenience for others.

When this ministry began over 40 years ago, the words of Hudson Taylor—“God’s plan done God’s way never lacks His provision,” were freshly imprinted on the heart of its founder, Bob Warren. That philosophy was integrated into the day-to-day operation of The Hill and remains in our DNA. Consequently, you will never hear a plea from us for donations. We like it that way.

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