Tuesday Night Bible Study

Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm at The Hill.

Fall Bible Study begins August 16th!

Join us for the Fall Semester of adult Bible study at The Hill with Dr. Dave Gibson!  The topic for this semester is Philippians chapter three–The Goal. Paul describes God’s goal for human life and his pressing desire to reach it. He refers to this goal as “attaining to the resurrection from the dead”. Experiencing resurrection life involves changing how we approach our own identities, take on life’s challenges and relate to God Himself.

Online Advancing in Romans Bible Study

Beginning January 31, 2022!

Click here to go to the Advancing in Romans page and begin.

The Online Advancing in Romans Bible Study is designed to take you through one of the deepest of Paul’s letters, but we would like to go further.  We want to equip you with everything you need to lead a group study of this awesome letter.

Each Monday we will post a new audio and the accompanying notes.  If you prefer to have the complete set of notes/commentary as opposed to downloading it each week, we have it available on our resource page.  Go here.

Romans Retreat  ***postponed until 2023***

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the retreat for 2022.  This was a difficult decision, but a number of factors came into play, most importantly the leading of the Spirit.  This has been an extremely busy summer season here and we are entering what looks like a very busy fall for the ministry.  We felt like we needed to create some space to catch our breath and rest; and Father was nudging us in that direction as well.  We hope you understand.

Please know that we value your friendship and your interest and investment in this ministry.

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Rooted & Grounded

September 9-11, 2022

This is the rescheduled event postponed last January…plus so much more!  Bill Layle will be joining us from Grace Life International to teach married couples and singles on relationship issues.

Relationship is the very foundation for which we are created.  The enemy loves to wreak havoc in a Believer’s life by attacking our relationships—trying to pull our eyes off of Jesus to focus on the relational chaos and anxiety.  We’ll cover a lot of ground at this retreat related to all types of healthy relationships—marriage, dating, single life, etc.  Topics include these and more:

·       Developing healthy relationships

·       How does my past (childhood) affect my future relationships?

·       Becoming a healthy person in order to have healthy relationships

·       The role of joy in relationships

·       What to look for in a potential spouse—what matters?

Bill is an ordained minister and has a Master’s of Divinity from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. They are from Michigan where Bill served as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Kentwood Community Church for 10 years. During that time, though, Bill and Tonda experienced great sadness and frustration in their marriage. Though they loved God and each other, they could not get to the root of their relational struggles to find healing and freedom. After going to three different Christian counselors, they discovered the message God’s New Covenant, which radically restored and strengthened their marriage. Today, it is evident that God was guiding them through those difficult days to teach them their true identity in Jesus Christ.  Click here to learn more about Bill.

The retreat will begin on Friday evening at 7:00 pm and end on Sunday morning at 10:00 am.

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Fall Retreat

October 28-30, 2022 

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The Fall Retreat will begin on Friday night at 7:00 pm at The Hill and end Sunday morning around 10:30 am.  Saturday breakfast and supper are provided, along with breakfast on Sunday morning.  Housing is available at The Hill in our dorms.  As always, there is no charge for this retreat.

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Men’s Retreat

Yes, the Men’s Retreat is on!  Register Here

April 28-30, 2023 

(Register Here) Our annual Men’s Retreat for fathers, their sons, and single men of all ages.

The Men’s Retreat is a gathering of men passionate about faith in Jesus.  Sometimes intense, sometimes relaxed–it’s a reflection of the men who attend and the bold way that Jesus lives through them.   This diverse group comes together as friends to worship Him with whom they share a common bond.  They come to teach and learn, to serve and be served, to study, to relax and drink deeply of fellowship with one another.  If that sounds appealing to you, we invite you to join us for the weekend.


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Summer Youth Leadership Camp

This is our annual summer leadership camp for 13-18 year olds.  Our camps are designed to teach teenagers who they are in Christ and equip them with the tools to counter the negative influences from the world around them.  It is our desire that they leave The Hill knowing they can hear God’s voice (John 10:27), walk by His Spirit (Gal. 5:16), and live by His life (Romans 5:10).

The theme this year is “His Eternal Story–Uncovering Jesus in The Old Testament.”  We will take a marvelous journey through the Old Testament discovering the treasures our Father has hidden there for us to discover on this side of the cross.

Camp 2, June 26-July 2, 2022

Senior Weekend, July 22-24, 2022 (Post Graduation Seniors only)

Watch our camp promo video here!

In addition to summer camp we will host a senior weekend.  This has been very beneficial in the past and will help them get focused on their future whether they are headed for college, trade school, or the workforce.  A graduated senior may join us for that weekend only or in addition to one or both weeks of summer camp.

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Yes!  We need counselors and volunteers for these camps.  Please consider how the Lord would have you minister to the campers this year.

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