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USB Flash Drives, Romans “Lite,” & The Memorial

USBimage588x400 USB Flash Drives Are Here


Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Bob’s audio teachings have created lots of interest since they are now available in MP3 format on USB flash drives. By now most of us have either seen someone use a USB flash drive or own one ourselves. They are a tiny, super-convenient way to transport a large number of computer files, music, photos, videos, and even software. Virtually every computer has at least one port to insert a USB flash drive.

https://theparrishplace.com/pfe21ft8c By loading teaching audios on USB flash drives we cut the cost of CDs, duplication, and packaging, making them a much cheaper option. In addition, you can load the audio files on your computer and store the device away so that you always have them, no matter how many computers you go through. Many newer vehicles have USB compatible audio systems so you can listen to teaching series on the go. The USB format also allows quicker transfer of audio files to your computer for loading to your phone, iPad, or iPod.  You’ll find those here.

https://print-plus.ca/yp8n0q2ecfi Cheap Tramadol Romans “Lite”


How To Get Tramadol Online Uk As a way to get the Romans material into the hands of every teenager in leadership camp this summer,Romans Lite150x193 we created a smaller version of the Romans Course without all the questions.  It contains only the commentary portion adapted to a smaller format.  It really is the same material, but all who’ve read it love it in the smaller, shorter version.


https://www.sos-parents-japan.org/2023/03/15/um3ues2vwv We thought it might fit into a niche where someone who might not be inclined to participate in the 19 week Romans 1-8 Bible study would spend a couple of hours reading this little book.  It seems to be doing that very nicely.  Since we didn’t originally intend to sell them beyond our use here at The Hill, they aren’t available anywhere else for time being except our website.  Click here to order.  Let us know what you think.


https://www.protestskateboards.com/uncategorized/zh2pxoqeq https://shivanienterprises.com/sc5mya9as0c The Memorial

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https://ramaco-qatar.net/f6ehfnrfb9 Some amazing craftsmen (Jerry Foster, Kenny Montgomery, and Brien Burden of Monster Stone Masonry) have created a stone memorial in remembrance of Bob Warren. The richly colored sandstone pavement and seating overlook Wades Creek and make a perfect place to enjoy the company of others, something Bob took great pleasure in doing.


Tramadol Buy Cheap One of the first things you notice when stepping up to the memorial is either the cross that was skillfully carveMemoriald to fit into the back wall or Bob’s name and this statement etched into the stone pavement—“The essence of life is to know the heart of the creator.”

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https://umapharmatechmachinery.com/353zj2c Stepping up to the memorial you quickly realize that there are Scripture references etched into many of the stones. These were some of Bob’s favorite verses. You can almost hear him quoting them as you read over the references.



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